Welcome to CHIP & PIN USA

In the world of CHIP and PIN - aka EMV. We know the pitfalls.

Specialists in making the best use of EMV CHIP & enhanced CVM options in the US.

The chipandpinUSA.com team provide advice, support and consultancy services to Card Issuers, Merchants, Corporates with business cards, Acquirers and other payment companies. As EMV / CHIP deploys in the USA, we are here to help; and as specialists in EMV CHIP deployment and Operational Support, we enter long-term partnerships with our clients.

The schedule for Chip conversion has clear deadlines with many companies seeking guidance, SME resources, and staff training, during the conversion period which will run well into 2018.

Resources are always limited, which is where we can help.

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How our help is different
The US will have a staggered 'liability shift' and the card schemes offer differing guidance on EMV, Chip, Signature Preferring or PIN etc. You will still need effective Customer Delivery and Risk Controls to maintain margins in difficult economic times. We do not restrict delivery to a single path, as ‘client choice’ is better for business is most important. - You could even adopt both Signature and PIN to please all customers!

  • We know EMV Chip and the Card Payments market – We know where fraud is going next.

  • We know that Cardholders want to feel safe and know that their cards will work overseas.

  • We know how to deliver real-world projects within budget and timescale.

  • We listen.

Potential challenges that you may have……

PIN or Signature?
Both or Either?

How would each fit our Debit and Credit card strategy?

Do Cardholders travel cross-border?

Will a ‘one-size fits all’ approach work ?

On-line PINs
How do our cardholders change their PIN?

Will we let them?

How will we manage PIN block lock-outs?

PIN changes - You can, naturally continue to do this with EMV cards.

Internet Fraud
Are we prepared for the web-fraud rise?

What else can we do - what are our options?

We offer solutions based upon your infra-structure.

ChipandPinUSA.com is part of the RiskSkill.com consultancy group incorporating UKFraud.co.uk. For more information about us visit here.